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Horses for Sale
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These are the horses that you will find at Lou Don Farm.

This page will have a few of the horses at Lou Don on here.  It have a picture of them and tell about them.

Sweet William
"Sweet William"
His barn name is Bill, he is 16.2 hands tall.  He is a chestnut hunter/jumper and he gets shown in the summer time.  He raced a long time ago, and his name then was "A Quality Guy".  He is very good at being ridden, and very good at jumping, and he enjoys both.  He also enjoys being groomed, and will eat pretty much anything!  He isn't a schooling horse, he is owned.

Kiss Me, I'm Irish
"Kiss Me, I'm Irish"
Her barn name is Kisses, although she has a lot of other names, varying by person.  She is probably about seventeen or more hands tall.  She is one of the many Irish horses at Lou Don.  Kisses is used as a schooling horse for the more experienced schooling kids, and also some advanced riders ride her.  She loves jumping, and being groomed.  Like Bill, she will eat almost anything!


Ardery is an Irish horse that is very good at jumping.  He is not a schooling horse, he is owned.  He is a gray horse with black and white too, and has very nice movement.